Software Development


Don’t pay for COTS software that only does half the job. We can build software to meet all your needs.


Your software will perform the functions your business needs. It will be customised to suit what you want to do and how you want to do it.

Cost Effective

We can develop professional software for a fraction of the cost that larger firms charge but still provide a high quality solution. We also provide 3 months free support.

Local Support

We can provide local support with maintenance and updates to your software. We are close at hand to help with any changes or add new functionality.

Software Portfolio

Riverland Vine Improvement Centre
Riverland Agri Services
Eckermann Enterprises
GrapeWatch App
LecLogix Job Management App
Drip Irrigation Evaluation Tool
Riverland Pest Job Management App
Malhi's Market App
Total Eden
Riverland Highworks
Ashborn Industries
CCW Grapevine Irrigation

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Bring us your idea and we will make it happen

Order Management

Manage all your business processes in one application. Track customer orders, production schedule, freight. Online secure access to all your records through web interface on your desktop, tablet or phone.

Mobile Apps

Easy to use app to provide a vital business function. It can also use a online server to supply data to your app.
iOS or Android for mobile or tablet.

Modular Components

We can add new functionality or new components to your existing software. We support most programming languages and most platforms.


Games for desktop or mobile can be written.
See our portfolio of 2D, 3D, puzzle, platformer, shooter, etc games.
We can also do the artwork, animation and sound effects.

Website & E-commerce

We can customise websites to add unique functionality that you require. This includes using PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, bootstrap, etc for backend database support, import of external data source or frontend graphics or animation.

CCW Grapevine Irrigation

Calculate irrigation times for grape growers in the Riverland


Provides a 7-day forecast on the predicted hours of dripper and spinkler irrigation required for your crop.


Plan your irrigation schedule for the whole week and view daily and weekly trends.


Adds the convenience of a 7 day weather forecast showing temperatures and predicted rainfall.

Don’t pay for COTS software that only does half the job. We can build software to meet all your needs.