Riverland Country


Music Festival

Riverland's premier country music festival celebrates its 40th year in 2018 and got this revamped website

The Riverland Country Music Festival and Awards website was designed to promote the yearly festival as well as honouring the past winners and a tribute to Rocky Page. The website includes a comprehensive program of all of the events on during the festival. Each event contains details, picture, location, etc and can be added to your own calendar. New events can easily be added so that future festivals can use the same infrastructure.

The content management system gives the contributors easy access to update all lists of artists, sponsors, image galleries and award winners, and create new blog / news posts. We also provided a secure and optimised host for the website.

  • Featured pages

  • Event calendar

  • Artist profiles

  • Blog

  • Facebook integration

  • Riverland events integration

Website Launched: 2018

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