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What our clients say...
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CCW Co-operative Limited



"We would like to thank you for the fantastic job you have done in developing the CCW Grapevine Irrigation app.

It has been a pleasure to work with you both and we are very pleased with the app you have designed for us. We believe this app will be of great assistance to our grower members in helping them to determine the timing and amount of irrigation required."

Vizion Financial Planning

Bronwyn Cant, Principal


We are new users of the services of Paul and Leanne Bottrell from Karbec Computing and their service has been a remarkable contrast to our past experiences.

As financial planners, the integrity and security of our client records is paramount. We operate all of our business either online or paperless and having our computer systems down means our entire business is compromised.

Paul has reviewed our entire system and made changes that make our IT solutions work the way that they were intended to, and then gone the extra distance to fix all those nagging little problems that seem to elude others. And, he does it in a practical and timely manner.

Having Karbec look after our IT needs has been my best business decision this year.

Riverland Lending Services

Jeff McDonald, Managing Director


RLS has utilised the services of KarBec Computing for all our IT needs for over two years. In this time, we have found Paul to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he has been readily accessible to help keep us operating efficiently as we are very reliant on IT.

RLS utilises KarBec’s maintenance and monitoring service which provides me significant piece of mind. I would have no hesitation in recommending KarBec’s services to other Riverland businesses.

Grant Sheds

Alison Halupka, General Manager


“We’ve been using Paul Bottrell of Karbec Computing as our outsourced computer technician for 3 years. His Maintenance & Monitoring program provides me with great relief to know that our whole computer system is being pro-actively monitored to prevent time-consuming and expensive major computer issues from occurring. It is an area of our business where I have neither the knowledge, the time nor the wish to learn, yet I fully understand the enormous negative consequences that may occur from a virus or hacker contaminating our computer system. Being able to outsource this to someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Paul has been a blessing.”

Townsends Bus Travel

Tony Townsend, Managing Director


We have used Paul at Karbec Computing for the past 12 months for all our computing requirements. He does everything from rescue us when a machine goes down to assisting with planning our future needs.

Recently a business friend asked for a recommendation for someone to assist with his computer needs and I had no hesitation in passing on Paul’s name. I would have no hesitation in doing the same for anyone looking for the same thing.

Riverland Respite & Recreation Service Inc.

Anne Robertson, CIO


Paul, from Karbec Computing transitioned our system to a domain network which incorporated satellite sites across the Riverland. The new server has resulted in greatly improved system performance, business function and staff satisfaction.

Karbec computing is able to remotely monitor the system and undertake maintenance and repairs in an increased timely manner, ensuring all IT issues are promptly identified and resolved. This provides a high degree of confidence that all our data management requirements are expertly handled.

Sikorski Auto Repairs

Russell Sikorski, Owner


It's always a pleasure to deal with Paul and Leanne at KarBec. Can't thank them enough for their professional and prompt services with their knowledge and experience in the IT industry. Very reliable and trustworthy. Thanks again KarBec.

Riverland Fire and Safety

Mike Philpot, Owner


Riverland Fire and Safety have being utilising Paul from KarBec Computing for over 3 years and have been impressed with his professional manner and quick response times. Knowing you have someone who understands your business IT needs and can provide you with practical advice is an important advantage to us.