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Botts' Computer Spot


A while back I was writing fortnightly articles for the Murray Pioneer called "Botts Computer Spot". These were some basic tips and how to's that I thought would be helpful for some readers. The following are these articles and from time to time I'll add some more. If you have some suggestions for new articles, you can make them through the "Contact us" page.


Parts of a computer

So you’re in the store and some young kid is trying to sell you a computer but all you’re hearing is blah blah blah. ....RAM, ROM, CPU, HDD, DVD... Is that really Englis...


Considering a new computer?

Are you considering buying a new computer? If so, here is some advice that may help you in the decision making process. Firstly, should you purchase a desktop or laptop? Laptops ...


Safe Internet Browsing

How’s your computer running? Is it so slow you have time to make a cuppa and bake a cake while it starts? Are you getting annoying popups while surfing letting you know that you’ve won yet another...


Child safety on the internet

We regularly hear on the news and current affair programs of children being taken advantage of on the internet. While the internet is full of exciting things to do and see it is also targeted by c...