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Cloud Backup for Business


Offsite Backup is the process of storing mission critical business information away from the business premises. Data is transferred via the internet to a primary data centre that has built in tolerance to power spikes and outages, network outages and fire suppression, as well as physical security to keep unauthorized people out.

Once set up, it is an entirely automated process that occurs as frequently as the business requires. Typically it occurs nightly, though companies with frequently changing data (hotels, booking chains, etc.) may opt to have it done several times a day. It requires no human input, and generates a report to indicate the success of the backup that is monitored by your MSP.


If a business is backed up offsite, they immediately become resistant to hardware failure, human error, fire, flood, electrical faults, theft and any other potential danger that threatens to rob the company of its operational data.

Because of this, more and more insurance companies are now recognizing offsite backup as a form of risk mitigation, and will adjust their premiums accordingly.

Traditionally, it has been the job of staff to perform a daily backup, despite them having no knowledge of the technology or how to tell if it has worked properly. As a result, a small amount in wages must be paid every day to someone who could otherwise be contributing something more to the business with no guarantee that they’ve done it properly.


The first time a business backs up its whole database, will take the longest. The client software analyses all data ‘blocks’ or ‘sectors’ to be backed up, and compares them to existing information on the servers. Data which is deemed to have changed since the last backup is then copied, compressed, encrypted and securely transmitted to the offsite facility.

This then becomes your last line of defence against data loss. If your local backup has been lost or infected by a virus, you can recover from your offsite backup to any point in time prior to the loss of data.


In a lot of cases, your data can be recovered from your local backup store. This might be in the form of an external hard drive, a NAS device, or a separate volume on your computer’s hard drive.

In catastrophic circumstances, your IT provider will need to recover from the Portal, where your offsite backups are held. They can physically visit the data centre to pick up a secure copy on an external hard drive, or we can copy to a drive (again, 100% secure) and have the drive couriered to where it needs to be. In the event of major data loss due to something like hardware failure, the data will often arrive before the new hardware is ready to use.

Individual files and folders can be recovered by your IT provider, via the portal, without the need for any drives to be seeded up or couriered.



  • Business class backup service

  • Automated service

  • Local and offsite backups

  • Back up of all windows-based files

  • Exchange mail boxes

  • SQL databases

  • Windows Server Backups

  • System State and Active Directory backups

  • Military standard 256-bit AES encryption on client-side

  • Encryption keys unique to the software build

  • Deduplication across all backup sets on the client-side

  • VMware/ Hyper-V compatible



  • Insurance for business data

  • Business staff do not have to worry about backing up

  • No hardware to be purchased

  • Short and long term dollar savings to the business

  • Fast recovery times due to the restoration of system state and active directories

  • No need to recover large files from the data centre if the local backup is still intact

  • If the local backup has failed, an encrypted hard-drive can be sent anywhere in the country in less than 24 hours for restoration to new hardware

  • Database growth is slowed down by compression and deduplication, minimising cost

  • Users can have their passwords changed by admin, and not lose access to their data

  • Data is encrypted before being transferred, thus cannot be read if intercepted

  • Individual mailboxes can be recovered saving time and effort

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